iDTM-EDD Manufacturer Edition

- our standard way of developing DTMs for Device Manufacturers

One of today’s major challenges for a device manufacturer is to provide devices that can be easily operated, configured and diagnosed in a uniform way, with their complete functionality. In all these cases, our iDTM ME (Interpreter DTM Manufacturer Edition) offers a suitable solution, by simply interpreting your EDDs. They are just "injected" into the iDTM.

What are the reasons for having DTMs available for your devices?

  • Your product package will be more valuable, by providing a composition of hardware and matching software with complete functionality, you can use the DTM as an add-on to the device
  • You can pick up your customer's feedback / request and improve your DTMs at any time with enhancements and extensions 
  • Distributing your own DTM will give you more visibility on the market because it will contain your own logo, pictures, help files, manuals etc.
  • You may also use your DTM as the standard configuration/diagnosis tool for your service technicians. Together with PACTware (or other FDT frame application) and the HART and FF H1 CommunicationDTM you have a complete tool at hand

How do we carry through such a project?

The DTM development based on the iDTM platform is done using your EDD and the official interpreter SDC-625 by the HART® Communication Foundation (HCF) or FF-DDS by the Fieldbus FoundationTM respectively. It consists of two steps:

  • The first step is to create a fully operable, extensible HART or FF-DTM platform for you. This is needed only once for all your HART or FF devices.
  • The second step covers the invocation of your binary (tokenized) EDD into the HART or FF DTM platform. The architecture of the HART / FF-DTM allows a very fast project execution time and high functional security because of the use of your proven EDD with a proven interpreter. Furthermore, if you think about further devices, our concept is extensible.

Your EDD files are integrated in the binary format. Should you already employ EDD enhancements, the DTM also supports the display of these, e.g. Group boxes, GRAPHs, CHARTs and WAVEFORMs.

You will receive a tested end product (an executable DTM library setup) which can be directly used and delivered. The DTM end user will be presented with the same parameters and similar GUI as in Emerson AMS® and other EDD tools.


  • No programming effort needed from your side
  • Re-use your tested DDs 
  • User Interface is similar to DD-hosts
  • Update your DD files in the DTM by yourself
  • Add extension modules with unique functions
  • Technical support is offered on request.

DTM Certification services are also part of our business.

DTM Extension Modules