Test & Certification Services for Device Manufacturers

For device manufacturers we offer the execution of certification tests for the integration products conforming to the requirements of the technology (e.g. dtmINSPECTOR test for FDT / DTMs). An approved registration and a certificate with the responsible protocol foundation (e.g. HART Communication Foundation) are the ultimate quality targets.

Some examples:

  • EDD Registration and Host Check
  • DTM Pre-testing and support with the certification process

Many device manufacturers will perform the FDT Group's DTM certification process. In doing so, a DTM has to pass a defined set of conformance tests in a qualified test laboratory. With the test results, a certificate can be applied for at the FDT Group. In order to avoid the work of digging into this process, we offer you a so-called "Premium Certification Package". This package may save you a lot of time and effort because we go through this process for you and we deliver a test report that can be used for receiving a certificate for your DTM.

For your individual package, talk to us!